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"you can’t be a pansexual, you’ve only been in three relationships and they’ve all been with cis guys"

oh sorry i wasn’t aware i needed the eight pansexual badges before i was considered a pansexual master


You must travel across the land

Searching far and wide

Defeat the elite four to get the Quadgender badge and then defeat your rival the Bisexual

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Hey everyone. I just got this vulture in. Haven’t done an exam on him yet (waiting on an extra pair of hands) but it sounds like he was grounded in a neighborhood in Greenville for about 5 days. He will most likely require care from someone who knows more about vultures. The problem is, we cannot afford to transport this guy right now. We need help! Many of you know that we do this work voluntarily and pay for everything out of pocket. If you can, please consider donating to our rescue! This vulture really needs your help! You can donate any amount of money through Paypal, to the email address:!

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Killer Dragon: Looking at Toothless Beyond “The Kill Ring” and “Hiccup Confronts Drago”



We often talk about the impact of Toothless killing/almost killing a Viking in “The Kill Ring” and “Hiccup Confronts Drago”/”Stoick Saves Hiccup”  scenes.  However, I am quite sure the Night Fury received its nickname, “the offspring of lightning and death,” for a reason.  The Vikings had insufficient knowledge about many aspects of dragons, but they knew incredible amounts of important information regarding the deadliness of dragons - and these accounts regarding dragons’ dangerous arsenals have been shown to be true throughout the How to Train Your Dragon movies and books.  They knew about their fire, their acid, their talons… the Vikings would accurately know that the Night Fury was a particularly deadly dragon.  The advice to “never engage this dragon” would come from experience.

Thus, it seems possible that Toothless, a young Night Fury who went on the dragon raids before he was shot down by Hiccup, was already a killer at this point in his life.  Sure, Toothless (and any other Night Furies) never showed themselves according to Hiccup’s opening narrative, but those powerful plasma blasts directed at slingshots and catapults very well could have led to Viking casualties.  Especially since the Night Furies were seemingly becoming extinct on Berk but still maintained their feared reputation (“No one has seen one and lived to tell the tale”), it makes Toothless more likely to be the cause of casualties.  We can only wonder what damage Toothless brought to Berk in the fifteen years prior to meeting Hiccup.  Were there deaths because of this dragon?  We can’t rule it out.  It’s possible.

Supposing Toothless actually were a killer, it makes the budding friendship between Hiccup and Toothless all the more powerful and unlikely.  He didn’t harm Hiccup when the boy freed him from the traps.  He made friends with a human, a species he had been killing.  And it shows what great growth Toothless had once we approach those dreaded Kill Ring and Hiccup Confronts Drago scenes.

For in the Kill Ring, Toothless was going to harm - probably kill - Stoick.  Until Hiccup told him not to.  And the Night Fury obeyed.  He would have been going against everything he’s done for fifteen years.  His whole life, he has been attacking Vikings, and suddenly, at the voice of a small boy, he makes the decision not to.  What an enormous change.

And if Toothless were a killer, then “Hiccup Confronts Drago” would not be the first time at all that he caused a Viking’s death.  In the past he probably would not have regretted it, simply thinking about survival, instinct, and himself.  But in How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless is incredibly sorrowful at events.  Toothless regrets killing someone.

In fact, I could almost say at that scene, Toothless goes from being a killer to not being one.

Stoick’s death was at the immediate cause of Toothless, but not the intent.  Whereas if we take the interpretation Toothless participated in the Berk raids and killed Vikings back in the day, Toothless intentionally slaughtered lives once.

The “Stoick Saves Hiccup” scene shows the change in heart Toothless has undergone since befriending Hiccup.  We can question whether or not Toothless was a killer in earlier days.  We certainly know he had the potential, seeing him almost act in The Kill Ring Scene.  And yet here by HTTYD 2 we can know that Toothless’ heart is not the one of a killer.

Toothless no longer has that intent, that heart, which makes someone take the life of another.  For he is as mournful as everyone else.

Which makes Stoick’s death at the cause of this Night Fury all the more a tragedy.

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